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Lo-Chlor Chemicals has been providing the highest quality products to the UK and EU markets for over 30 years. Compliance, innovation and design remain at the forefront of our business strategy, ensuring we deliver the industry’s best performing speciality pool and spa chemicals.

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Pool Chemicals

Our proven pool chemical range provides the right solution every time.

Pool Chemicals
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Our proven hot tub range provides unique problem solving solutions for your hot tub.

Pool Chemicals
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Lo-Chlor Chemicals & Sustainability

As a manufacturer we are committed to ensuring a more sustainable future by limiting the impact that we and our customers have on the environment. Water is a vital natural resource that everyone on the planet depends on. Our sustainable products below will assist in reducing evaporation and unnecessary dilution, eliminating contaminants and lowering chemical consumption. This will reduce water and energy consumption by making your pool and spa systems work more efficiently.

Having problems with your pool or hot tub?

Below are some common pool problems that can be treated with our specialist pool and hot tub chemicals. Our products treat algae and phosphate issues, cloudy water, surface staining in pools and hot tub problems such as cloudy water, foaming and cracking in hot tub covers.

Green Pool?

If your pool has gone green this means you have algae. Click here to find out the best way to treat all of your algae problems.

Stained Pool Surface?

If your pool surface is stained then you have metals in the water. Click here for the easiest way to remove these stains.

Cloudy Pool Water?

Cloudy water comes from fine particles in the water that pass through the filter. Click here to get your water crystal clear again.

Hot Tub Issues?

Hot tubs can suffer from many different issues. Click here for the most common problems and best solutions.

Lo-Chlor Chemicals Product Brochure

We aim to ensure that everyone using Lo-Chlor products has access to the latest product instructions. Our 2023 brochure includes all of our products and the most up to date product information.