To fix a leak in hot tubs and spas



  1. Remove all cartridge filters, or for sand filters select the BYPASS option (if applicable) prior to dosing the product.
  2. With the pump running add the required dose of Spa Leak Sealer (see dose rate below) slowly through the skimmer or in front of any other suction intake. AIR BLOWERS MUST NOT BE RUN DURING THE TREATMENT PROCESS.
  3. Spa Leak Sealer is very heavy and will sink to the deepest point, which in most cases will be below the bottom drain, therefore the product must be stirred back into suspension every 45 minutes, whilst the water circulates.
  4. Leave the water circulating for a minimum of 3 hours after which time check to see if the leak has stopped (if visible) and/or check the water level. If the leak has slowed down continue to run the circulation system for another 3 hours.
  5. When the leak has stopped turn off the pump and let any residue settle to the bottom of the spa – this can then be removed with a suitable spa vacuum.
  6. Replace the cartridge filters and let the system circulate for 45 minutes, after which time remove the cartridges and thoroughly clean with fresh water to remove any product residue from the filter veins.
  7. After the leak has stopped, it is recommended that the hot tub/spa is fully drained and left empty for a minimum of 48 hours for the product to cure.

N.B. The leak may be slowed down after one application, if this is the case we recommend a second application.


Spa Leak Sealer should be dosed at a rate of 225mls per 2,000 litres of water.

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