The ultimate stain remover



  1. Prior to application adjust pH to 7.0, ensure all sanitiser levels are at 0 ppm (mg/l) and backwash the filter.
  2. CAUTION: When using on coloured marble finishes or printed vinyl liners DO NOT allow direct contact with the pool surface. In these instances, depending on the severity of the stain it is recommended that you either:
    a. Pre-dilute the product in a clean plastic container and with the pump and filter running, evenly distribute around the pool.
    b. Place the product in a sock attached to a telescopic pole and hold near the stained area.
  3. The product should be sprinkled directly over the stained area or evenly distributed around the pool with the pump and filter running.
  4. IMPORTANT: Lo-Chlor No More Metal must be added to the pool water as soon as the stain appears to be lifting from the surface. This removes the dissolved metals which prevents re-staining.
  5. Leave the pump and filter running for a minimum of 24 hours, thoroughly backwash the filter and resume normal filtration.
  6. This stain treatment reduces both the pH and Total Alkalinity. After treatment, the pool water must be rebalanced and sanitised.
  7. When re-balancing, raise the Total Alkalinity first. This must be done slowly over a period of days (maximum 20 ppm per day). A sudden increase will buffer the metal ions out of solution resulting in re-staining.

There should be no swimming in the pool during the treatment, and post treatment swimming should not re-commence until the pool has been re-balanced and sanitised.

N.B. Stain treatments can cause the water to cloud and in this instance use a Lo-Chlor Miraclear Clarifier Cube.


Stain Treatment & Prevention – 1kg per 50,000 litres (11,000 gallons) of pool water.

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Lo-Chlor No More Metal must be used alongside Multi Stain Remover. Stain treatments can cause the water to turn cloudy and in this instance use of Lo-Chlor Miraclear Pool Clarifier or Lo-Chlor Miraclear Clarifier Cube is recommended.

Miraclear Clarifier Cube
Miraclear Clarifier Cube
Miraclear Pool Clarifier
Miraclear Pool Clarifier