Unique formulation stain remover for fibreglass pools



N.B. Black Spot Osmosis in fibreglass pools should not be confused with Black Spot Algae. These are two separate problems!!

  1. DO NOT chlorinate or use the swimming pool for at least 48 hours prior to the addition of Spotaway.
  2. DO NOT add any other chemicals or operate any form of Brominator or Chlorinator during the treatment period.
  3. Thoroughly backwash the filtration system to achieve maximum circulation.
  4. Add 4kg of Spotaway per 50,000 litres of pool water, distribute evenly around the pool with the pump and filter running. Run the pump for 4-6 hours daily and for up to 7 days, if the stain
    persists a second treatment will be necessary.
  5. Add Lo-Chlor No More Metal 24 hours after the initial treatment as the metals that form the stain are in solution and need to be taken out of the water by filtration, treat the pool with No More Metal on a regular basis to prevent re-staining as part of your maintenance programme.
  6. Occasionally, stain removal treatment may cause the water to go cloudy, if necessary use a suitable clarifier to assist in clearing this issue.
  7. After treating with a clarifier leave the pump and filter running for a minimum of 24 hours, thoroughly backwash the filter and resume normal filtration.
  8. This stain treatment reduces both the pH and Total Alkalinity. After treatment, the pool water must be re-balanced and sanitised.
  9. When re-balancing raise the Total Alkalinity first. This must be done slowly over a period of days (maximum 20 ppm per day). A sudden increase will buffer the metal ions out of solution resulting in re-staining.


4Kg of Spotaway treats up to 50,000 litres / 11,000 gallons.

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