Unique algaecide which kills and controls stubborn algae in all pools



  1. Ensure bathing has ceased before applying this product.
  2. Clean pool thoroughly, brush walls and floor with a stiff pool brush, vacuum to waste and backwash.
  3. Adjust the pH to between 6.8 – 7.0
  4. Continue to run circulation and filtration as normal.
  5. Superchlorinate the pool using a registered sanitiser.
  6. Wait 24 hours and then pour the calculated volume of Total Algaecide near the algae (refer to the table provided). DO NOT ADD THE PRODUCT VIA THE POOL SKIMMER! Continue to run the pump and filter during the treatment.
  7. After treatment wait 24 hours, adjust sanitiser levels accordingly and filter as normal.

Caution: When dosing the product excessive copper concentrations may stain hair and swimwear as well as discolour pool surfaces!!

For perfect pool water, it is recommended that Total Algaecide is used in conjunction with one of our phosphate removal products such as Lo-Chlor Starver® and Starver® X. Removing phosphates, prior to adding Total Algaecide, ensures the product remains effective for longer.


Initial Start Of Season: 1L treats per 45,450 litres (10,000 gallons).
3 Month Top Up: 500ml per 45,450 litres (10,000 gallons).

Pool Volume Dose
Gallons Litres  
5,500 25,000 550ml
11,000 50,000 1100ml
16,500 75,000 1650ml

N.B. Copper in water reduces the activity of chlorine and bromine. Check chlorine or bromine levels 24 hours after applying this product and adjust according to the required levels. Copper concentrations in the swimming pool water must not exceed 1mg/ltr. Check copper levels with a suitable copper test kit.

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For additional peace of mind we recommend using Lo-Chlor Starver® or Starver ® X after superchlorination to ensure that phosphates have been removed from your pool water. By removing phosphates, prior to adding Total Algaecide, ensures the product remains effective for longer.